Senior Secondary School - Grades 11 - 12

“Opportunity to discover and embolden the passion for learning”

A hallmark of our methodology is the emphasis we place on teaching students how to learn. We focus on teaching students the skills and strategies that promote growth and competence. Our students are organized, articulate and they advocate for themselves - exactly what they need to navigate the senior secondary school years and beyond.

At Peepal, our goals stretch beyond helping your child complete senior secondary schooling and get high grades. We aim to give your child the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life. To achieve this broad goal, we emphasize both the process of learning and the results of learning. The process of learning involves learning style, study habits, motivation, confidence, and effort.

Senior Secondary School Highlights

  • Skilled and caring teachers help each student push beyond the limits of her prior understanding, strengthening her ability to tackle complex problems, and teaching the child to persevere with determination and confidence.
  • The unique teaching-learning program transforms the way Peepal students learn by creating a context and exploration of knowledge in real-world settings.
  • Students are guided to ask complex questions and discover original and innovative solutions through experiences that take them beyond the text books.
  • In the senior secondary school, children are challenged to focus and deepen their knowledge and skills on the specific stream while exploring meaningful connections across a broad range of academic disciplines.


We consider many factors when we develop methodology, including: grades, assessment results, school feedback, and your child’s study skills and interests. Everyday learning is customized towards the unique learning needs of the student. Students achieve academic success while working at their own pace with an experienced and dedicated teacher.

It’s amazing what students can accomplish when they have a strong foundation of knowledge and feel confidence in their own abilities. We work hard to ensure that every student gets the high quality education they deserve. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Choice of Senior Secondary Groups

Streams Groups Subject Combinations
Science Stream G1 & G1A English Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology (or) Computer Science
G2 English Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science
Arts Stream G3 & G3A English Economics Accountancy Business Studies Computer Science (or) Mathematics
Humanities Stream G4 English Sociology Psychology Economics Business Studies