Secondary School - Grades 6 - 10

“Our high performance learning-focused lesson plans are centered around big concepts with focus on intellectual, emotional and social growth”

On a typical day Children spend their time moving to different learning spaces and learning from different subject tutors. To get this going our team of educators work together to find synergies between the subject areas to create an interdisciplinary, coherent and challenging curriculum. The result is that all students learn concepts faster, more effectively and at a much higher level than is found in typical schools.

A distinctive feature of Peepal methodology is the emphasis we place on teaching students how to learn and not what to learn. The key focus is on mentoring students on the skills and strategies that promote learning process and competence.

Our students are empowered to take their own self-assessment on daily learning and to engage with tutors directly, to take ownership in their academic work, to solve their own problems and to provide support to each other in the learning process.

Secondary grade students are not only recognized for their academic work but are also praised for their mature emotional intelligence as well.

Secondary School Highlights

  • Our secondary school lesson plan is built on the highly-regarded NCERT curriculum which provides the underlying structure concepts for teaching and learning.
  • Our students are successful because our tutors focus on the learning style of each child and create various opportunities to demonstrate how they know themselves as a learner.
  • Peer Learning at Peepal provides your child the real-world experience through mentoring among students. Teachers always seek opportunities to connect with the student to enhance clarity in subject units
  • Specific focus towards second language (Tamil) & additional language (Hindi/French). Language Proficiency means your child will learn Tamil well enough to engage with native speakers.
  • Our “hands-on minds-on” approach to Math instruction takes complex math concepts and applies them to real-world situations to increase engagement and help students find joy in problem solving.


Our prime focus is to make learning more meaningful. This is achieved when students are provided opportunities to explore concepts across difference subject areas. This is known as interdisciplinary learning and this is our unique methodology. This ignites creativity by providing them multiple avenues to approach problem solving. Students gain understanding of real life concepts rather than the simple memorization of content.

In Grades 6-10, Peepal students fully embrace academically rigorous NCERT Text Books. The School provides a framework of academic challenges that encourage students to explore real-world concepts and issues, challenge assumptions, think critically and acquire skills that they will need to apply throughout their educational and future professional journeys.

Beyond text books, Peepal facilitates student learning in various areas such as how to manage time and tasks effectively, how to work with peers and other children, how to manage their state of mind and how to use language to communicate. All these help students become much aware of the learning process and understand their strengths and challenges as learners.

Physical Education

Students learn about movement and through movement in our Physical Education program. Our approach to PE helps stimulate children to grow – physically, socially, personally and emotionally. Skills are developed through a wide variety of physical activities, designed to ensure maximum participation by all.

PE is embraced as an opportunity to stimulate cooperation, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving. Our thirst for “traditional games” require groups to work together collaboratively in order to solve problems and accomplish a common goal. In “movement composition” students broaden their understanding of how physical activity can be used for the development of basic motor skills as well as how movement can be used to communicate feelings, emotions and ideas.

In “games” students also learn to recognize the challenges presented by games, the importance of rules, and how they define the nature of a game. “Individual pursuits” and “health-related fitness” balance our PE curriculum with the development of basic motor skills and recognizing and appreciating the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Assessment at Peepal

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at Peepal. The word assessment stems from the Latin word “assidere” which means “to sit beside.” We view assessment as an opportunity “to sit beside” your child to help them understand where they are in their progression of learning.

Apart from the academic assessment, a learning objective is set for every child based on the child’s learning style and challenge areas. Tutors monitor on a day to day basis and own the responsibility to bring out the best in each child.

By now you would have got a fair idea about Peepal. You might be thinking that student-centered learning sounds great – but what does it look like in real life? We’re sure your doubts will evaporate the moment you get to see your child talking about their learning journey.

Our students would be happy to summarize their strengths and challenges as a learner and share their inspiration and success stories. Once you witness the success stories, it will warm your heart, blow your mind – or maybe even both. Either way, you’ll need to see this in action to believe it.

  • From collaboration in ‘Think Tank’, Club activities, Art and Craft, Traditional games to Silambam and Sports, Peepal provides impressive opportunities that your child will be challenged to choose between them.
  • Our unique methodology supports students in making conceptual connections across the subject areas.
  • Student-Parent-Teacher meetings provide your child an opportunity to show how they know themselves as a learner as they take you through their challenges and success