Primary School - Grades 1 - 5

“Our Lesson plans are aimed at providing enriching experiences that build individual interests and extend learning beyond the classroom”

For children in primary ages, it’s a time filled with excitement to have new tutors, learn new subjects, go off-campus for field trips, experiment with various educational tools, explore big concepts and make new friends.

Keeping this in mind the Primary grades learning spaces are created to be vibrant places of learning.

Through enquiry and exploration, the unique lesson plan engages students in their learning while continuing to build their fundamental skills across subject areas.

Curio board, for posting questions of interest to them. Bringing their individual strengths to the learning process makes students excited. We believe that students learn best when they’re empowered and take ownership in their classrooms. This translates into a joy and a passion for learning, that explains why Peepal students love coming to school.

Primary School Highlights

  • In Lower Grades your child will gain learning from age appropriate curriculum content (Suggested by CBSE Board) and have ample opportunities to model behavior and develop empathy.
  • Enquiry based learning across the school year means expanded opportunities for enquiry, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary learning as students make real and relevant connections across various subjects.
  • Various educational tools and learning kits in the classroom enhance teaching and learning
  • Student-Parent-Tutor meetings provide your child an opportunity to lead you through their challenges and success.
  • Our unique curriculum is concept-driven spanning across subjects which allow learning to be transferrable to new situations – not locked in time and place.
  • Through daily self-work and periodical assessment on each concept, students are empowered to take the lead in their learning.
  • Allowing students to be immersed in multiple languages and providing them opportunities to explore different aspects of language and culture, the school follows English, Hindi/French will be taught as an additional language.

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at Peepal. The word assessment stems from the latin word “assidere” which means “to sit beside.” We view assessment as an opportunity “to sit beside” your child to help them understand where they are in their progression of learning.

By now you would have got a fair idea about Peepal. You might be thinking that student-centered learning sounds great – but what does it look like in real life? We’re sure your doubts will evaporate the moment you see your child talking about their learning journey in our Student-led Parent-Tutor Meetings.

Our students not only attend Parent-Tutor meetings but they drive the conversation from start to finish summarizing their strengths and challenges as a learner and share their inspiration and success stories.

Once you witness the success stories, it will warm your heart, blow your mind – or maybe even both. Either way, you’ll need to see this in action to believe it.


Our primary grade students love to learn. Our approach and practice is founded on the basis that students learn best when they connect big ideas, construct meaning through enquiry and are allowed to ask questions and explore deeper.

With this belief supported by the CBSE curriculum, we create concept based lesson plans to provide opportunities for students to contextualize their learning. Students develop knowledge and understanding of big ideas, much better through interdisciplinary learning instead of teaching traditional subjects as given in text books. Lesson plans are tied to bigger concepts making them more meaningful for the students.

Physical Education

Students learn about movement and through movement in our Physical Education program. Our approach to PE helps stimulate children to grow – physically, socially, personally and emotionally. Skills are developed through a wide variety of physical activities, designed to ensure maximum participation by all.

PE is embraced as an opportunity to stimulate cooperation, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving. Our thirst for “traditional games” require groups to work together collaboratively in order to solve problems and accomplish a common goal. In “movement composition” students broaden their understanding of how physical activity can be used for the development of basic motor skills as well as how movement can be used to communicate feelings, emotions and ideas.

In “games” students also learn to recognize the challenges presented by games, the importance of rules, and how they define the nature of a game. “Individual pursuits” and “health-related fitness” balance our PE curriculum with the development of basic motor skills and recognizing and appreciating the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our co-curricular program is as same as during an academic day—to meet the spectrum of the child’s whole development—cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically, focusing on traits identified in the learner profile.

Students participate in a variety of school activities where children learn from both Peepal tutors and highly skilled, experienced external instructors.

Our activities are aimed at providing enriching experiences that build individual interests and extend learning beyond the classroom

Here are some examples of our exciting co-curriculars

  • Home Science
  • Think Tank
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Traditional Games
  • Maker Space Lab