Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peepal co-ed?

Yes, Peepal is a co-ed school.


Peepal Prodigy School follows CBSE curriculum and a time proven self-owned learning methodology which emphasis on age appropriate child centric learning and stress free education.

Details about Management

The School is founded by a team of passionate people to transform the outdated education. The School is run by Meignanam Education Trust.

Why is our school different?

Our School stands out as we induce age appropriate, child friendly, concept oriented lesson plans and a learning environment that avoids stress which helps the whole system of learning, evolve better.

What is the student to teacher ratio at Peepal?

In order to carry out a systematic and buoyant learning, we carry out a student teacher ratio of 30:1.

Kids from other states who do not understand English

Kids from other states are monitored and assisted in language and are given activities that suit their level of comfort, where they progress in learning the language soon and cope up.

How many years since school started?

It has been nine successful years of endurance of Peepal Prodigy School. The pre-school campus in Ramanathapuram completes its tenure of 9 years and the CBSE main campus carries out its excellence of 7 years.

What does it mean by International School?

A school following an International Curriculum is called an International school. Such schools follow the International Education Curriculum and carry out practices of an education system that is of its origin country.

What is IB, IGSCE and ICSE syllabus?

These are different school syllabus which are considered to be of global recognition.

Why to choose CBSE syllabus?

The CBSE syllabus is considered to bemore rigid and predictable as many national exams are conducted in accordance with this syllabus.

Is CBSE syllabus difficult for children moving from Matriculation or State Board Syllabus?

No, it is much easier, as the curriculum is age appropriate and is supported by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) which works under the MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource Development).

What is age appropriate learning?

Age appropriate learning is all about identifying a child's level of understanding along with the readiness and capability to learn and then following the best-suited method of teaching that moulds the child into a better person overall.

What are the sport facilities offered?

On account of sports, children of the lower grades (KG to Grade 3) are given basic training for fitness and games that would keep their system running firm. Whereas the higher grades (Grade 4 to Grade 10) are trained in Chess, Rifle Shooting, Taekwondo, VolleyBall, FootBall, Athletics, Table Tennis, BasketBall, Kho-Kho, Lawn Tennis and Yoga. Martial Arts like Silambam is also conducted during the week.

How is your school coaching different from other schools?

The same CBSE syllabus is followed as in other institutions but the method of teaching is more of experiential learning with learning tools and material that enable the child to have a better conceptual understanding. For clarifications, please connect with our admission team.

How soon can I see a change in my child?

Children take time to learn and every child is unique. Considering them as equal to a machine and expecting standardized results would be inappropriate. Our institute takes utmost care and steps to identify the learning style of each child and tailor make the learning plans to benefit the child. It would take a minimum of 6 months for a child to understand the learning methodology and apply it in his/her self-learning.